Non-EU Countries
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How to apply

If you want to study abroad, you will need to apply for a selection process for the universities of your choice. Usually there are two main rounds and then additional rounds.


1. round

First round of selection process for departure in WS and SS (following academic year) takes place always during the autumn.

Exact dates for particular rounds may be found in LATEST UPDATES.

2. round

Second round of selection process for placements that were not filled during the first round (for departure in WS and SS in spring for the following academic year) takes place usually in February.


Additional rounds of selection process if all placements have not been filled, takes place usually in summer or in September.

Application submission

1) Select one or more universities where you want to study at.

2) Log in to and create an application form.

3) Sort out the universities according to your priorities, put the university you want the most in the first place.

4) Register for a written test in English.

5) If you want to study in a language other than English, you must provide a certificate of language knowledge to Kateřiny Boškové.

6) Do not forgot to submit the application form.

of your application by the vice-dean

After the deadline for the relevant round, application forms are sent electronically to the vice-deans of study for their assessment. You can check the status of your application in your card at If your application is rejected, you will be sent a notification email within a week after the deadline.

Written tests / oral interviews

If your application  is approved by the vice-dean, you can start with the written test. You will choose a date and place where the test is written in your application in mobility.
If you have TOEFL, IELTS, CAE or FCE certificate, select this option in the application form and upload the document in your application.

If you have passed the English exam at the FEE language department, select this option in the application form and upload the document in your application.

If you took the test in previous rounds select this option in the application form and the system will select your highest achieved score.

From the written test, you must earn 10 points or more to advance to the oral interview.

More information

All students who participate in the selection process will find the results of written tests/oral interview in their application in

When you pass the selection process and you succeed (you submit the application form and you earn at least 10 points in the language written test/oral interview), we will offer you a placement at one of the universities that you filled out in the application form. You get the place according to the total number of points you earned in the selection process.

If your total score is not enough for your chosen university, we will try to offer you another university or you can wait for the offer of schools in the next round and apply again.