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Studying abroad

During your studies you have to sort out few administrative things. In general, they can be divided into after your arrival and before your departure formalities. Don’t forget to deal with them in advance and if there is any change in your plan, LA or length of stay, deal with it immediately. You can find most of the documents that will be discussed here on the website in the Documents and terms section.

after your
arrival abroad

Register your residence with the relevant authority (local office/foreign police). Visa requirement for our citizens to enter EU countries has been lifted after joining the EU. It is obligatory to register your residence at the foreign police department of the given country within the first 30 days after arrival. The International Office of the CTU Rector's Office will prepare a confirmation of participation in the programme and the award of the ERASMUS+ programme grant to all our students participating in the Erasmus+ programme on the day when the participation agreement is signed. In some countries students register their residence by themselves, in others they are registered by the university/dormitory in bulk. Find out upon arrival.

Many universities organize an Orientation Week for their incoming students before the start of the semester. It is an introductory week dedicated to completing the necessary formalities, registrations, to get acquainted with the university, with the place and with other exchange students. We recommend you to participate in this event. The orientation week (OW) is reimbursed as part of your grant, but must be recorded in the Learning Agreement (LA) – that is, if OW is in August, then LA must start in August. It does not need to be entered into LA as a subject, only the months must match together.

Foreign universities organize language courses. These courses are part of the Erasmus programme so they are reimbursed as part of your grant, but it must be recorded in LA.

The receiving (foreign) institution will inform you about the form and date of registration and all other entry formalities. It is important to report your arrival at a foreign university on the day of your arrival or the beginning of the studies/language course/OW.

The Learning Agreement must 100% match with what you are currently studying. If there are any changes to your Learning Agreement compared to the originally approved Learning Agreement after your arrival at a foreign university, you must officially report these changes as soon as possible - by filling in the relevant page of the Learning Agreement "During Mobility" and by signing it by both parties. LA-changes form here.

How to fill in LA-changes?

In “During mobility” section, list the items you will be changing and tick either “Component deleted” or “added”, the relevant reason and credits. You can gradually create several change sheets during the studies, but all of them need to be approved and then uploaded to the card at But it is important that the latest version of LA corresponds identically to what you have in Transcript of Records.

Consult the changes with your faculty first, preferably again with the vice-dean for studies. Send a copy of the confirmed corrected LA by e-mail at the beginning of the semester.

A new updated Comparison spreadsheet must be attached to each corrective LA.

Don't forget to upload the LA changes to your card in the application.

Before departing from the foreign university

If you need to extend your mobility by few days or weeks, it's okay, as long as you don't miss the start of the semester at CTU. You don't have to fill in any paperwork.

If you want to shorten it by days or weeks, contact the International Office of the CTU Rector’s Office. We will issue you a certificate of mobility shortening and of money reimbursement.

In case of extension of the stay by a semester, the faculty must agree with the extension. The amount of grant for the extended part depends on the amount of available funds (full increase of the grant is not automatically guaranteed, it is necessary to verify). The student must first complete the request. After the approval by all parties, contract amendment will be signed with the Rector’s Office.

In case of shortening of the stay by a semester, the student will have to reimburse part of the grant according to the contract terms. It is also necessary to fill in the request and then sign the contract amendment.

A form that you must fill in during your mobility. It must be confirmed by the relevant foreign department of partner university at the end of the mobility.

You must submit the original of this confirmation to the International Office of the CTU Rector’s Office (8th floor) no later than 10 days after the end of the mobility end date specified in the participation agreement.
The study period entered in this confirmation must match the period in concluded Participation Agreement. If a shorter stay is documented, you will have to reimburse the relevant grant amount according to the number of undocumented days.

It is possible to first upload the scanned confirmation to the card at and notify by email that you deliver the original document later.