by step

Host university

Particular foreign universities have different application processes and methods (online application, paper application, the need to send documents electronically/by post, etc.).

To have enough information

It is really important that you have all the information before you leave. The most important page where you will find the current info is At the same time, pay close attention to the following documents that may help you:

1) Inspiration can be found in the final reports from other students. You will find out there what the conditions, studies, transport, etc. are in the given country and university. You will find them here

2) If you want to get inspiration where your predecessors from your field of study went, you can look at example of subjects pairing in 2018. Take it as an inspiration, one year is really only a fraction of all the possibilities that Erasmus offers you. When choosing  summer/ winter semester, look at the courses that a foreign university offers so that you can pair them with those you have to study at CTU.

3) Link to the language conditions of individual universities may also be useful for you, so that you know what level of language they require. You can find it here.

with the foreign university

After receiving your nomination for exchange at a foreign university from the faculty coordinator, the host university should contact you to update you with all the information, to arrange various organizational issues with you and to request all necessary documents. After the discussion, the university should issue an official Letter of Acceptance, which will be sent to you together with the Learning Agreement.
After receiving the Letter of Acceptance and approved Learning Agreement (LA), it is necessary to start arranging other formalities – health insurance, finances, accommodation, arrival, language courses,etc.