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Formalities before departure

After you have successfully passed the selection process, a nomination awaits you. Students are usually nominated by the faculty/rector’s coordinator for a host university and then this university contacts you. It is also necessary to complete several formalities before your departure. They can be divided into 3 steps.

A) Student application form
C) Cover letter
D) Certificate of language knowledge
E) Transcript of Records (ToR)
It will be issued to you in English by your study department officer.
F) Learning Agreement (LA)

It is now available online, you can find out more in the presentation. When filling it out, follow the methodical instructions.

Current courses can be found on the website of the host university. You must have LA signed by the vice-dean for pedagogical activities at your faculty and then by the faculty coordinator at the foreign university. You must always keep LA up to date and report any changes to it. Upload these changes into the mobility application, as well.

Also discuss with the vice-dean directly how your subjects and credits will be recognized upon your return and on the basis of this agreement prepare a Comparison spreadsheet. In the case of bachelor or dissertation thesis, only the ‘bachelor work’ or ‘dissertation work’ is entered in the LA form. Talk to your thesis supervisor and to a coordinator for more information.

All documents and their explanations can be found in the Documents and terms section.

Letter of Acceptance
Learning Agreement
Comparison spreadsheet
Health insurance certificate
Confirmation of studies – or of enrollment in a given academic year at CTU

All documents and their explanations can be found in the Documents and terms section.

LA must be signed by the CTU faculty coordinator at your faculty, the coordinator at the foreign university and also by you. Even if it is a rectorate agreement.

Once you have completed and approved all the forms, apply for a card issuance. In case of a faculty agreement ask the faculty coordinator; in case of an agreement at rectorate level ask the foreign department. After the card is issued, upload all documents directly there.

If you still miss the signature of a foreign university in LA, ask for a card issuance anyway. Unfortunately, sometimes you will not receive the signature before your departure.

A grant to study at a foreign university will be provided to you on the basis of a duly concluded Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement is signed after uploading the entry documents to the student card in the Mobility application.

The bank account where you receive the grant (entered in the card and the Participation Agreement) must be with a Czech bank. The amount of the grant is calculated in EUR, so we recommend opening an account in EUR to avoid a loss during conversion.

Applications for signature HERE - Doodle

Participation agreement TEMPLATE here.

If you travel green, which means by train or bus, you are entitled to a one-off allowance of EUR 50 plus a grant/scholarship for the days of travel. You can find out more when signing the participation agreement.


Follow the instructions of the host university and send in time the accommodation forms that can be found on its website, or that will be sent to you together with the Letter of Acceptance. At some universities it is necessary to book accommodation well in advance. Some universities (Spain, Italy) do not have dormitories or the accommodation provided by the university is too expensive, so students arrange their own private accommodation. For more information see student’s reports.

Language courses

Some universities organize language courses before the start of the semester. We recommend you to participate in this event. The language course is reimbursed as part of your grant, but it must be recorded as one of the subjects in LA and the foreign university must provide you a certificate of completion with dates from/to. At the end of the mobility, when submitting the Confirmation of Study Period, the duration of this course must be taken into account in your study period.