step by

Short but intensive study mobilities Athens are relatively easy to arrange. You will find out everything you need here in this step by step section.

Information needed
before applying

1.Choose your course carefully so that you are not disappointed later. Go through the reports of your colleagues, that contain all the information about the courses, accommodation, transport, financial cosi, etc.

2.As instructed by the headquarters in Paris, list at least 3-4 selected courses sorted according to your priorities. If the first course is full, you will be reassigned to the next option. But really list the courses you are interested in. If you list only 1 course, you run the risk of exclusion in case the course is full.

3.In the application form, state your name, surname and other data without Czech diacritics.

4.Passport Number – passport or ID card number

5.Student Identity Number – personal number

6.Year of study – year of study (Bc. + Mgr. + Ph.D. added together)

7.Financial support in the proportional amount of the transport and about 60% of the estimated subsistence costs is provided for all selected students (especially 4th and higher years).

8.The selection of registered candidates is made by the vice-deans for study of the individual faculties (they will take into account study results, number of foreign mobility made, etc.), not the CTU Rectorate.

9. All questions concerning the ATHENS programme should be directed to Ing. Jana Dudková.

How to

Application form can be found here. At the page, click on Apply. Then proceed according to the document: Guide for applying for the Athens programme sent by the Paris headquarters. Everything is described in detail here and it should not be a problem to register if you follow the particular steps. You can have a look at a sample of the filled in application, generated for you by the system. Submit the printed application form = Registration form and signed Student Commitment during office hours to the person in charge of Athens programme at your faculty.

Grant agreement

Fill in the Grant agreement in advance (as the contract number use your serial number from the  results table and fill in all yellow fields). Bring two duly completed originals at any time to Ing. Jana Dudková, CTU in Prague – Rectorate, Jugoslávských partizánů 1580/3, building A, 8th floor, room A-802 / 801a. If you can’t find the coordinator in the office, put both originals of Grant agreement in the brown box in the hallway. After checking them, you will be informed by email about the next steps.

After signing by the Vice-Rector, you will pick up one copy of the Financial Agreement again in room A-802 / 801a during the agreed appointment and then you can go to the cash office of the CTU Rector’s Office with it.


No later than 14 days after the end of the course, you must submit a copy of the Course completion certificate to Ing. Jana Dudková (in person or via scan to and fill in the Final report on your mobility, which must be sent to by email.


All forms, applications and other important documents