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Traineeships are mostly about your will and desire to travel to gain experience. We will be happy to help you, but finding a host organization is always up to you. More in our step by step section.


Once you have a rough idea of where, when, for how long you would like to go, be sure to first consult the possibility of the traineeship with your study officer, or with the vice-dean for pedagogical/ science and research activities, so that your traineeship is in compliance with the study obligations. This is because credits are not usually awarded for traineeships.


Finding a host organization is your own initiative, including the period when you will be working there. The traineeship must match with the field you are studying at CTU, so you will also agree on the content of your work in advance. You also have the opportunity to negotiate a possible financial contribution from the host organization, which you will receive in addition to our grant. Detailed information about the host organization, including traineeship offers, can be found here.


In order to submit your application, you must have an approved Ex-ante form, which contains the period of the traineeship, the content of the traineeship, the financial contribution, etc. Send by email the pre-filled form (name, address) to the selected host organization for signature.

Due to the current situation, the Ex-ante form with a specific work plan and exact traineeship dates can be replaced by an e-mail from the company with their promise of acceptance when the situation allows it.

Language requirements

Don’t worry, it’s just 10-15 minutes oral interview with Mr. Robin Healey. Get prepared especially for the communication concerning your traineeship. Arrange the interview in advance by phone or email. After the interview you will be given the necessary language confirmation.

If you have already passed some exams/tests for other mobility at CTU, or you have an official certificate of language knowledge, you will probably only agree on the issuance of a language certificate for the traineeship.

to apply

There is last step when you have the Ex-ante form and certificate of language knowledge. You fill out the application in the Mobility application, where you also upload both documents to your card. Do not forgot to send the application in the database by clicking “Submit” as per the announced deadlines.

Instructions: Login to the Mobility application -> Applications -> Applications -> Erasmus programme – traineeships -> Round

The application then will be assessed and approved by the relevant vice-deans.
For graduates, the application must be submitted and approved at the time of their studies.

before departure

Once the selection process is over, you will receive a proposal by email, which includes the date of the traineeship and the amount of the grant awarded for that period. Once you accept the nomination, the coordinator will create a student card in the Mobility application. In this card you will fill in all the necessary fields, download the “Learning Agreement” document that you will fill in as well.

In the LA it is important to include the name of the supervisor (you will arrange this at the faculty), to whom you will then send the monthly mobility reports.

Once the LA is signed by all parties, you will complete the OLS language test, take out commercial travel insurance and sign the Participation Agreement in person at the Rector’s Office with your coordinator. You will then receive an 80% deposit of the assessed grant before your departure. Your coordinator will guide you through the whole process with step by step and detailed emails, so everything goes smoothly.


You will confirm your arrival at the company by email to your coordinator. At the same time, you will send your mobility reports to the coordinator and supervisor every month at the agreed time.
If you would like to extend your mobility or, in exceptional and duly justified cases, shorten your traineeship, you will agree on a specific process with your coordinator.
At the end of the traineeship, you must hand in the original “Certificate of Traineeship” and close the traineeship according to the instructions you will receive about 14 days before the end of the traineeship via email. Once you have fulfilled all the conditions that are anchored in the Participation Agreement, CTU will pay you the rest (20%) of your allocated grant.

Are you

Contact the mobility coordinator by email or phone and she will help you solve your problem.


All forms, applications and other important documents