Non-EU Countries
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Grant agreement

In order to be able to pay you the grant, which is automatically awarded to you upon admission to a foreign university, it is necessary to sign a grant agreement.

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As soon as you receive an invitation letter from a foreign university or a visa from a foreign embassy, you can generate a grant agreement from the student card in Bring it to Kateřina Boškova at the foreign department of the Rector’s Office in two signed copies.

You will need the following documents for the grant agreement:

1) Learning Agreement– it is an agreement between you and the faculty that upon your return he/she will recognize the courses and credits (min. 20 ECTS) you have in the learning agreement. If you happen to change your learning agreement after arriving at a foreign university, inform the vice-dean for study as soon as possible and make sure that he/she agrees with these changes.
2) Confirmation of health insurance for the length of your mobility.
3) Confirmation of enrollment for the following semester.

By signing the grant agreement, CTU undertakes to pay you min. CZK 10,000/month of your studies and you undertake to study abroad, represent CTU and upon your return to submit the documents necessary for the closing of the mobility.