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Offer of organizations and companies for traineships

Finding a host organization is your own initiative. The grant can be awarded for a traineeship found in any way. The traineeship must be done in area related to your field of study at CTU. You can use your own contacts, internet, job offer below, database of host organizations, social networks, contacts of host organizations from the final reports of your colleagues, etc.
Prepare the documents needed to find a suitable host organization, i.e. your CV, motivation letter, portfolio, all in English, or in the language of the country you are interested in.
If you respond to the offer published by us, send the above documents to a contact address abroad. To keep the contacts, offers with older date are also left in the list.
Be aware that it takes a lot of patience, effort, and time, so start looking for a host organization in advance and don’t be discouraged by the initial failure.
Once the host organization has been found, send there an Ex-ante form for confirmation, as it is an integral part to the application.

Database of host organizations in which traineeships were done in the past can be handy. You can find it here.

Do not hesitate to get inspired by the mobility of your colleagues and find out more about how the traineeships go. Make sure you check out the internship reports.

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