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Traineeship mobility conditions

Finding a host organization is your own initiative in area related to your field of study, so you have a lot of options, and at the same time you will try out what it will be like to look for a job after the graduation.
Trainees can be recruited by any public or private organization active in the labor market or in education, professional training, youth work, a non-profit organization, a public body at local, regional or national level, etc., i.e. almost any entity, company, with the exception of institutions managing EU programmes (list of ineligible organizations can be found here).


Your traineeship can last for 2-12 months (CTU financial contribution is provided for 6 months of traineeship). Plan the beginning and end of the traineeship for the working day.

Who is eligible

Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students regardless of the form of study. Just remember that you must have the status of a CTU student during the entire traineeship. If you did not make the traineeship during your studies, you still have a perfect chance to go abroad even after graduating from university as a recent CTU graduate. However, the condition is to apply and go through the selection process before graduating.

EU countries

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey.

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Minimum length of traineeship is 2 months (month = 30 days, e.g. 1.10. – 30.11.2021). If you are planning a traineeship of a minimum duration over the Christmas period, check whether the host organization will really confirm this duration (during Christmas the company operation is very often limited/closed). Therefore, we recommend that you end this type of traineeship before Christmas and not start, for example, on 14.12.2021.
The traineeship must be completed by the end of the relevant academic year, e.g. by 30.9.2021 (i.e. the last possible departure in this case is 30.7.-30.9.2021). Graduates must complete the traineeship no later than one year after the graduation (i.e. graduating e.g. 30.6.2021, the traineeship must be completed by 29.6.2021).

Important: traineeship during 2-12 months can be completed once in each cycle of study (ie in bachelor, master, doctoral), but the sum of months for Erasmus+ study abroad and Erasmus+ traineeship must not exceed a maximum of 12 months for the respective cycle of study (also applies to future graduates). E.g.: bachelor cycle – 6 months of study abroad + 3 months of traineeship, master cycle – 6 months of study abroad + 6 months of traineeship, doctoral cycle – 12 months of traineeship, future graduates – 6 months of study abroad within the master cycle + 3 months of traineeship after graduation

Who is given priority in the selection process

Applicants without previous international experience, traineeships of 3 months or more, regular master students, traineeships taken in companies, firms, studios…, i.e. traineeships at universities will be given lower priority.

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