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Financial conditions for PhD mobility

The most important

1. Tuition fees

Hip, hip, hooray, tuition fees are not paid!

2. Grant

Upon departure, a grant will be awarded to you. The grant is intended to partially cover travel and subsistence costs, as well as insurance. The grant is meant as contribution to the increased cost of living abroad, so a certain financial participation of the student is assumed. The amount of the grant per month is fixed.

3. Grant amount

Varies by country – monthly fee can be found here. The programme countries Switzerland and the UK have a monthly fee of EUR 600.
For short-term mobility of 5-30 days, the grant is EUR 70/day until day 14 and EUR 50/day from day 15-30.
Students’ experience with the grant use can be found in the NAEP database and CTU statistics here (bear in mind that these statistics are only indicative due to small number of participants in some countries and the fact that each student administers the money differently).


1. Visa

If there is any excessively high cost for your visa due to travel (e.g. UK), which cannot be covered by the grant, it is possible to apply for a special contribution. Applications will be assessed individually and on the basis of the CTU funds availability. Keep all payment receipts – they will be needed for the application. For more information contact the foreign department of RCTU.

2. Social

Amount of 200 EUR/month to the basic lump sum grant. The condition for granting the contribution is based on §91 paragraph 3 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. about universities. The contribution can be awarded on the basis of an application, which will be accompanied by proof that the student meets the conditions in law (for example, confirmation from the faculty that the student was awarded a social scholarship at the faculty can be provided). The application and proof of fulfillment of the condition must be delivered to our office at the International Office of CTU Rector’s Office no later than 3 weeks before the signing of the grant agreement. More information here.

People with specific needs can receive grant support – a contribution to cover eligible costs. The grant is intended only to cover increased expenses abroad, which result from your health needs – mental or physical disadvantages (contributions can be paid to, e.g. celiac person, long-term medicaments, regular medical checkups in the Czech Republic,…).

The prerequisite for the special grant award is the fulfillment of the basic conditions for student mobility – the student was selected in a selection process for a given academic year and has a learning agreement with the host institution.

When filling out the preliminary calculation in the application for the item of transport, meals and accommodation, make sure to determine the difference between the price for current costs and the price for increased costs due to relevant handicap. Only this price difference (not the entire amount for the above-standard service) is justified request of the student within the application for a special Erasmus+ scholarship.

The special scholarship needs to be reimbursed after returning from abroad or from Erasmus+ traineeship! Invoices shall be submitted indicating the costs actually incurred, stating the name and address of the entity which issued the invoice, amount and currency as well as the issue date of the invoice.

The request is submitted in an application form where the student provides a detailed calculation of the required scholarship. A sample application form for a special scholarship for placement in the academic year 2019/2020 can be downloaded  here.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • medical report;
  • copy of the disability ID card (if the student owns one);
  • Erasmus+ documents: Erasmus for specific  type of mobility – signed learning agreement for studies /traineeship
  • letter of admission where the host institution confirms admission to the studies/traineeship and states that it is informed about your medical condition.

Students can find more information via the link in the tab “For students”.

Please request the information about the deadline for submitting applications at the International Office of CTU Rector’s Office.

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