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All forms, applications and other important documents can be found here: https://portal.cvut.cz/informace-pro-studenty/mezinarodni-programy/erasmus/erasmus-studium/dulezite-dokumenty/



  1. Application form – information about the student and his/her host university – via the MOBLITY CVUT.cz application – the application must be filled in separately for each mobility
    • NBA (non-European)
    • Switzerland
  2. Student card – Student card will be issued for you in the mobility.cvut.cz system  when you confirm your study abroad of the offered foreign university and you have confirmed Learning Agreement (LA) and Comparison spreadsheet. You will be able to upload some of the required documents into your student card. It must be created by the faculty coordinator after the delivery of the relevant documents – it is created in the Mobility.cvut.cz application – it serves as a source of information for preparing the Participation Agreement (i.e. Grant agreement)
  3. Student application form (application to foreign university) – Check the website of the selected university (see list of partner universities) to see if the university has its own Application Form. Use the CTU form only if the partner university does not have its own electronic Application form.
  4. Letter of Acceptance (letter of acceptance from the host university) – official acceptance document from the foreign university or confirmation email or similar document is enough (upload to student card at mobility.cvut.cz)
  5. Comparison spreadsheet – can be downloaded at Study Abroad website – the student pairs the subjects he/she wants to study abroad with subjects recognized at CTU afterwards. It is recorded in the comparison spreadsheet and it is confirmed by the guarantors of the subjects or possibly by the  vice-dean of studies – in case of compulsory subjects. In case of optional subjects consult it with the faculty coordinator.
    Example of comparison of Czech and foreign subjects from previous years 
    – this is only an example of what could be paired, not that it will always work like that.
  6. LA – Learning Agreement – can be downloaded at Study Abroad website – study agreement- the student subscribes to what he/she will study abroad during his/her studies abroad.
    To fill in the titles of field of studies, use the official list of ISCED field codes!! Follow this guide to prepare your LA. The websites of particular university, which should be continuously updated, will help you choose the subjects.
    LA must be signed by the CTU faculty coordinator at your faculty, the coordinator at the foreign university and also by you. Even if it is a rectorate agreement. LA is binding, but changes can later be made- LA changes in “During mobility” section and uploaded again into the mobility.cvut.cz card. The study period specified in LA must correspond with the period in your Participation Agreement.
  7. LA and final thesis
    In the case of bachelor, master or dissertation thesis mobility, only the ‘bachelor work’, ‘diploma work’ or ‘dissertation work’ is entered in the LA form and the title of the thesis. Brief description of the planned activities at the partner school (preferably in English) is stated in the separate attachment. Your supervisor will consent to your programme with his/her signature on a sheet with description of your work. If you do not receive any credits for the given work (dissertation), and you will not study any subjects at a foreign university, it is not necessary to supply a Comparison spreadsheet.
  8. ToR – Transcrip of Records – overview of study results – before departure it is the study results at CTU, after the return it is the study results abroad that will be delivered by a foreign university – ToR after return must match the subjects stated in LA in EXACT WAY
  9. Confirmation of Study Period – can be downloaded at Study Abroad website – must match the data of concluded Participation Agreement – the original is handed over to the International Office

  10. Participation Agreement/Grant agreement– ERASMUS and financial conditions agreement – it is physically signed at the International Office Rectorate according to the pre-filled card.

  11. Language Certificate

  12. Language skills Certificate – if the foreign university requires a certificate of your language skills, it may be issued by CTU. For English and German you will be examined and a certified by Mr Robin Healey from the International Office. For other languages, the certificate will be issued by your language department. For other languages ​​you must have a certificate or it will be supplied to you by the relevant foreign department at your faculty.

  13. OLS test – online test that EU requires for monitoring student’s language skills before and after studying abroad
  14. EU report – a report from the European Union, where you fill in information that is later read by an EU member
  15. NAEP report – information for Czech students who are also planning ERASMUS
  16. Confirmation of health insurance for the whole duration of study period
    It is recommended to make commercial travel insurance for the whole duration of your study period.
    During the period of study abroad, the participant remains a CTU student and if the student is under 26 years old, the health insurance is paid by the state. The basic coverage is usually provided by the participant’s national health insurance even during his/her stay in another EU country through the European Health Insurance Card EHIC. However, this only guarantees the right to health care conditions that apply to citizens of the given state (i.e. including possible reimbursement of patient treatment) and the amount of coverage may not be sufficient, especially in the case of repatriation or medical treatment specification. Therefore, it is recommended to make commercial travel insurance for the duration of your study period (some foreign schools may require a special type or amount of insurance).
    Insurance can be arranged with any insurance company (or e.g. with bank via your credit card). When choosing an insurance company, make sure you know the extent of the insurance company’s payments so you do not get into financial trouble.
  17. Confirmation of studies– or of enrollment in a given academic year at CTU – preferably from the study department. It is necessary to know that you are leaving in the academic year in which you are enrolled as a CTU student
    Templates for required documents can be found in the section „
    Important documents
  18. Bank account – where you will receive the grant (listed in the mobility.cvut.cz card and the Participation Agreement). It must be in a Czech bank. The amount of the grant is calculated in EUR, so it is recommended to open an account in EUR and thus avoid loss during conversion.

If the above information made you nervous, do not be afraid – during the nominations for a foreign university, we are organizing collective information meeting, where everything is clarified.

Example of PRESENTATION from the information meeting on Erasmus 12.06.2020 here.


All forms, applications and other important documents can be found here:
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