One week abroad
with CTU

Mobility conditions for Athens

You can participate in the Athens programme usually only once. In case of small number of applicants, it is possible to go abroad again. The selection process is responsibility of your faculty. If you have already participated in the programme in the past, you can re-enroll in the programme, but keep in mind that the priority will be given to your colleagues who have not yet participated in the programme. Of course, if you applied for previous sessions and you were not selected, you can apply repeatedly.

Length of stay

You should expect that the whole event will take at least 9 days including travel, the course takes 5 working days and is complemented by a mandatory cultural programme, especially on Saturday and Sunday. But you will certainly have time for your own activities and you can extend your stay at your own expense.

The courses run twice a year (March, November).

Who can apply

The Athens programme is intended for CTU students who are enrolled in study programmes in the Czech language. Individual courses are prepared primarily for senior students of the Master’s programme.

No credits

No credits are allocated at CTU for participation in the ATHENS course.

Read instructions

Participation in the “European Dimension Programme” is mandatory and it is part of the individual courses. In case of your admission, follow the instructions of the receiving universities which will be sent to you. The “Starting time” stated in the instructions is mandatory (late arrival to the event or earlier departure cannot be accepted).

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