Mobility conditions

Switzerland mobility conditions

Since the academic year 2014/15, Switzerland has not been programme country in the Erasmus+ programme, i.e. it is not eligible country for the students and academic exchanges under this programme.

Student exchanges with our partner universities continue under the new Swiss-European Mobility Programme, which allows exchanges based on bilateral agreements.
Along with the application, it is also necessary to register for a language test in the language of your studies, i.e. English or German.

For studies in another language, you must provide certificate of language knowledge to the International Office by January 20th, 2021. These certificates should be issued by the relevant language department at the faculty or the foreign department. The certificate must be issued in the language in which the student will be studying in the host country and must specify the applicant’s level of language skills according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. The results of written tests are published in your application together with the results for Erasmus+ study abroad.


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You can cancel the nomination at any time, if it has already been sent to a foreign university, it is necessary to send an email to the foreign department. You must always inform the CTU coordinator.

You can shorten it at any time if you keep the minimum study period of 3 months and you meet the conditions of the participation agreement. You can extend a maximum of one month before the end of your stay and only if the foreign university and the CTU agree.

You have the opportunity to consult it with the faculty coordinator or look at comparison spreadsheet on our website and get inspired where your classmates studied.

Both, the field will help you orient yourself and you need the taught courses to pair with the courses at CTU.

No it is not necessary, wait for the information sent to you by the foreign university.

There are no alternative dates, the tests must be completed within the given deadline so that everyone has equal access.

During your studies, when it suits you best and when it best corresponds to your studies.

This is specific to each faculty. At FME, for example, it is possible, but only in the second round of the selection procedure, so that you already have grades from the first semester.

It doesn't have to be, if you still have some courses to study. If you will, you need to have two trainers - one here and one abroad. You may need to write at least part of your work in English.

If you are abroad then yes, at least part of it, or maybe just the research part, you have to consult something with the foreign trainer.

The Czech and foreign course that you "pair" into the comparison spreadsheet should match in content. Of course, absolute match will never be achieved, but it should be reasonable. Sufficient match will be confirmed by the person who gives consent to your comparison spreadsheet (course guarantor, field guarantor,…). To a reasonable extent, you can also choose pairs of courses that are not in your study plan, you are going abroad to broaden your horizons. Making a comparison spreadsheet is sometimes about courage and the art of communication 🙂

Yes, if you want to leave in the first year of master's studies, you must have a bachelor's degree closed, because your departure abroad will most likely occur before the date of state exams in September.

To a reasonable extent, you can also choose pairs of courses that are not in your study plan, you are going abroad to broaden your horizons. Making a comparison spreadsheet is sometimes about courage and the art of communication 🙂

Yes, you can use about half of the credits in the comparison spreadsheet for optional courses. You are going abroad to broaden your horizons. Making a comparison spreadsheet is sometimes about courage and the art of communication 🙂

Hold on, try another contact, contact the foreign department and it can try to contact the other side as well.

Browse the course offerings for exchange students at a foreign university and try to find equivalents to the courses in your study plan. To a reasonable extent, you can also choose pairs of courses that are not in your study plan, you are going abroad to broaden your horizons. Making a comparison spreadsheet is sometimes about courage and the art of communication 🙂 Don't be afraid to contact the faculty department, which helps you with your mobility. Let's come up with something together.

On the foreign university website in the "Course Catalog".

It is not necessary to find an absolute match. We recommend consulting the courses with the guarantor of the field of study, the vice-dean for studies or the vice-dean for external relations. You are going abroad to broaden your horizons. Making a comparison spreadsheet is sometimes about courage and the art of communication 🙂

Take a look at the faculty website, each faculty has different ones, some have none and some quite a few.

Take a look at the comparison spreadsheet on the web, you will get inspiration there.

It is necessary to individually agree with the tutors on the earlier date of the exams, so that you have passed the exams before your departure.

Yes, ask the coordinator to change the university, if possible he/she will help you.

The courses are recognized by the vice-dean for studies. Upon your return, you will submit an Application for Recognition of Courses, which will be approved again by the Vice-Dean for studies. If the courses are recognized, the assistant for studies will enter them in KOS.

  • Is my choice obligatory? I don't know much yet, what I want to choose, I will have to google it, etc. The choice is obligatory, the coordinator follows your application and the listed universities of your preferences during the allocation of universities. However, you can always contact the coordinator to agree on a univerrsity change, provided there is a place at the university. We recommend that you find out as much information about the university as possible before submitting your application.
  • I plan to go to Germany and I was surprised that some technical universities are missing at the list (Munich, Dresden ...). So I wonder if I'm looking at it correctly. I only have about nine schools to choose from.

If you miss some universities within the faculty agreements, you can look at the agreement offer concluded at  the Rector's Office (RCVUT) level. Also contact the faculty coordinator. Information that any university is "missing" in the offer is valuable feedback. Your feedback can lead to the new agreement if not for you, then at least for your successors.

  • I'm also not sure which field to choose. I study at TFMEnow (like any good freshman), but I don't see such a field in the English list.

Students choose a field according to their studies, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering most often have a choice from the field 071, 0715, 0716. If you are unsure, contact your faculty coordinator.

Foreign Department - Rector's Office.

Yes, but up to a maximum of 12 months within one cycle of study.

It depends on the university and also on the interest of students in a given year, we cannot answer it in general.

Ideally, this shouldn't happen, but don't worry, you won't be first or last one. Foreign experience is also worth extending your studies. If you think that you need to extend your studies, do not be afraid to contact us, we will advise you on your options.

Yes it does, the nomination will always start at the first possible university of your choice.

Yes, it is. If you are not placed, it is still possible to look for an alternative solution, but in principle, it goes according to priorities.

  1. Yes – to work? -> traineeship
  2. Yes – to work on a dissertation? -> study abroad
  3. Yes - if you work at CTU → working mobility for university academics

In extreme situations, this can be arranged.

You will have to return the grant, the formula is in the participation agreement.

Yes, but it is necessary to submit two applications, preferably one in each round or ERASMUS and NBA in one round.

The first round is always open in autumn - October / November.

Transcript of records is a list of completed courses. You can get it at the study department.

  1. Either according to the conversion 1.5 = 1 CTU, but it is individual, e.g. for Asian NBA it can be the other way around (1 credit NBA = 2 credits FME)
  2. or according to the content of the course - whether and how it corresponds to the one at CTU
  3. Ask the vice-dean, who recognizes the credits for you.

As latest as possible before your departure or with cancellation insurance.

  1. Yes, for NBA mobility it is a condition to obtain a scholarship.
  2. It is strongly recommended for Erasmus – there is a condition to check the coverage of your European Card

  1. NBA - no restrictions
  2. E + - in maximum of 12 months within one cycle of study
  3. Must be approved by the vice dean for studies

Yes, certificates are accepted even with older dates.

Yes, you can leave abroad to work on your diploma thesis.

  1. NBA - do not look for the same field of study, but choose particular course
  2. E + - our agreements with universities are for specific fields, however, focus more on specific courses (often it is variable)

  1. Yes, but there must be a place for you
  2. The faculty must approve it (so that it fits your study plan)

If there is enough money, then we will reimburse your sta. If there is no money, you can stay outside as a 0 grant at your own expense.

No, you have to be a CTU student.

No, you only have to have a Czech bank account.

NO, it is not possible. After your nomination, it is no longer possible to nominate anyone else for this position. However, there are no sanctions, it is just a moral obligation.

According to the schedule of the academic year at a foreign university. In case of a larger conflict between the schedules of the foreign and domestic university, it is good to discuss this with your mobility coordinator.

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