Double Degree

–       The programme is intended for students of master or doctoral programmes
–       Students study one year at CTU and the next year at a foreign university
–       After graduation, students will receive two diplomas

In two sentences

Great chance for demanding students. Double Degree is intended for true study connoisseurs who would like to study in English and who are tempted to have two diplomas.

for FCE

FCE currently has the following valid agreements:

France: ENPC Paris – under the agreement, ca. 2-3 FCE students study each academic year. The agreement has been extended for another 5 years starting with academic year 2015/16 with the possibility of further extension.

Sweden: KTH Stockholm – studying in English, students must study Swedish as part of this programme.

Germany: The TU München agreement has been concluded, studying in German. So far, none of our students has studied this programme, the conditions are similar to other agreements.

Germany: RWTH Aachen – studying in German, under the agreement, maximum of 4 FCE students study each academic year.

There is the condition that students who are interested in studying in double degree must apply to Erasmus+ one year in advance (first year of double degree students receive a grant from this programme).

For more information contact:
Ing. Jan Kočí, Ph.D.

for FEE

for FIT

FIT currently has the following valid agreements:

Ph.D Double degree programme with University of Antwerps
Contact person: doc. Ing. Robert Pergl, Ph.D

for FME

FME currently has the following valid agreements:

Master of automotive engineering
Contact person: doc. Dr. Ing. Gabriela Achtenová


for FTS