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Financial conditions for Non-EU Countries

1. model

For mobilities under non-European bilateral agreements, you can count on not paying tuition fees.
Selected students will then receive a grant, the amount varies depending on the destination.
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina – 15 000 CZK / month.
Other countries – 13 000 CZK / month.
Additional funding is regulated by individual contracts and there are 2 models.

1. model

Students themselves must pay for room and board at the foreign university.
Most agreements fall under this model.

2. model

Students pay the arriving foreign student accommodation and meals here at the CTU, and they will receive the same at a foreign university.
CTU students pay 45 000, – /semester in donation.
This model applies to agreements with Kansas State University (USA), University of Texas at El Paso (USA), University of Vermont (USA)

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